Notable People


Council of Guardia

Group of ten appointed leaders of the City of Guardia. They secretly meet once a week in the council chambers in the center of the city. Their identities are protected by the powerful magics, and it is rumored they are highly influenced by entities that communicate from the heavens.

King Jacob Tabber

Proclaimed ruler of Lockintin and the lands immediately surrounding. Known for being a very strict and often selfish king, his justice is often served in the form of public execution or extended stays in the dungeon.

King Beldon Persalous II

King of the Lands of Raife, rules from his castle in Andronia. Known most for ruling as more of a father figure to the people of these lands. The Persalous family is loved and honored by people of all races across the lands.


Mysterious and powerful wizard, that has passed long ago, who’s remaining eye is thought to have magical powers.

Persolar & Sendis

A once mortal pair of brothers rumored to have discovered the secrets of the gods and ascended beyond their body and spirit. The first representing truth, hope, light, law and good. The second representing despair, isolation, darkness, chaos and evil. It is rumored that there are very exclusive groups that worship these gods in secrecy.

Notable Groups


Knights of Gaspar

Group of Knights who follow the teachings of a legendary Paladin named Gaspar. These teachings extend beyond those of the paladins and churches in the area and focus more on the search for truth and justice unbound from the worship of any higher entities.

The Jade Coin

Mercenary assassins and thieves who’s signature is to leave a single Jade Coin after completing a job.

Kah Bandits

Large group of bandits of the Kah Mountains who have caused countless merchants and travelers grief.


You may have noticed there are no pre-generated Gnome characters in the intro game. While gnomes exist in my setting, they are very rare. If you make your own character you may use the gnome race, but note that there is no organized collective of your people.

Notable Creatures



Small tailless monkey-like creatures with skin as black the night sky and sharp dagger-like teeth, brought to this world by unknown means.